A Strawbees Webinar: Building the Future with Allen Tsui


In this 30-minute live webinar, you'll embark on a STEM-filled adventure with Strawbees and Robotical, alongside the esteemed award-winning educator, Allen Tsui. In this thrilling #HourofCode event, we're bringing coding to life with a live session featuring the coding club at Willow Brook Primary School.


Link to webinar recording here.

Download the webinar slides while you watch the best bits from the webinar above. These slides include Strawbees micro:bit code to create Pedestrian traffic lights, Xmas lights and a working crane).

Highlights Include:

Strawbees Unveiled

Dive into the universe of Strawbees as we explore their latest features and products, opening the door to endless possibilities in interactive STEM learning. During the webinar, some of the school children built their own Strawbees creations including a crane and a swing (using the Strawbees Classroom step-by-step guides) and a bespoke build that got everyone's imagination flowing.

Strawbees 2

Robotical Discovery

All new cutting-edge Marty the Robot features and their benefits are discussed, to show that even a revolutionary tool designed to make coding engaging and accessible for learners of all ages can still be updated to include even more interactivity and STEM/coding-based learning.
Robotical 2

Live Build and Code with Allen Tsui

Allen Tsui takes on a captivating live build and code session, where the Willow Brook Primary School coding club use micro:bit to demonstrate the interactivity between STEM learning, online coding and Strawbees in real time(ish)! Prepare to be inspired, learn, and connect with like-minded teachers and educators in this immersive STEM experience.
Allen walks us through the code that is needed to:
  • Pedestrian traffic lights
  • Xmas lights 

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